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Design Responsivo – para quem acha que é modinha…

nem vou dizer nada, querem saber?!

vou usar as palavras / imagens de outros especialistas…

Prediction #1 – Responsive Web Design:

This prediction is expected to turn out absolutely true as we all know that new kind of desktop and mobile devices are being introduced in the market every now and then. Our Each device, be it desktop or mobile, will vary in screen size and other proportions. The reason why responsive web designing is expected to be in trends of 2013 is that designers cannot design a new design for individual website. It will not only take a lot of your time but will also cost you a fortune.


e tem tb este inforgráfico ótimo:

Dot Com Infoway – Software and Mobile Application Development Company


ainda acha que é modinha?!


ana laura gomes